New Breakthrough Made in the Enrollment Work of International Students in Spring Semester of 2017
2017-4-7 16:43:17

  The University aimed to implement its 13th Five-Year Plan, further enhance the international level of education and positively scale the enrollment of international students. To this end, during the enrollment season in spring semester of 2017, the University actively opened up new ways of international cooperation, strengthened the efforts of publicity in enrollment of international students and sought new growth point on the basis of consolidating the traditional enrollment channels. As a result, new breakthrough was made in enrollment work of international students. Up to now, a total of 29 international students have been enrolled from 7 countries including United States, Republic of Korea, Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt, Iraq and Pakistan, which is nearly 10 times of the enrollment number of the corresponding period of last year.  Thus, the number of source country of international students studying at our University increased from 8 to 11. With all international students registered and studied at our University at the end of February in 2017, the total number of our international students would be up to 53, thus, the short-term task of enrollment of over 50 international students in 2017 was completed. At that time, the University would realize its periodical target that apartments of international students run at full capacity.

  Since November 2016, the School of International Education has launched a new round of enrollment work. All staff has positively overcome difficulties by actively adopting multiple ways of publicity through the internet, brochures and public praise. The School has made solid progress in publicity of enrollment with great achievements from following five aspects: vigorously opening up new enrollment market, actively innovating work manner of enrollment, establishing and publicizing incentive mechanism of enrollment, conducting in-depth education and teaching reform, and doing a good job in publicizing abundant leisure life of international students.

  Education and teaching work on international students is an important part of internationalization of education, therefore, moderate and reasonable enrollment scale is the foundation of sound development of education and teaching work on international students. Our next move will focus on continuing to deepen international exchange and cooperation, consolidate and expand the enrollment scale of international students and actively innovate educational approaches & methods. In doing so, we will make positive contributions to advancing the opening-up work of education, cultivating more international students who have good knowledge of China, love China and are friendly to Chinese people.

Contributor: Bai Hualong